Zeitronix zt-2 Wideband o2 sensor with (black) LCD bundle

Zeitronix zt-2 Wideband o2 sensor with (black) LCD bundle


Product Information


Zt-2 Specs

  • 0.1 AFR accuracy
  • Operating voltage 10V to 18V
  • Switching power supply for oxygen sensor heater
  • Precise sensor temperature control
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated self resettable fuse
  • Positive lock connectors
  • Protected inputs and outputs
  • Flexible Plug and Play Sensor Harness with a small, easy to route through the fire wall, connector
  • Wideband Oxygen Sensor included
  • Easy to install plug and play kit
  • Adjustable Narrowband Switching Point
  • Warning Alarms and Triggers


  • Bosch Wideband O2 sensor Input
  • Linear Wideband Output AFR = Volts * 2 + 9.6
  • Serial data output to the Zeitronix LCD, ZR-1 AFR, and ZR-2 Multi-Gauge Displays
  • Serial data output for real time datalogging (PC laptop required)
  • RPM Input (tachometer,  primary side ignition coil, crank, cam sensor).
    The RPM input  works in any car and any ignition system. No additional adapters needed!
  • Simulated and adjustable Narrowband Output to feed a stock ECU
  • Throttle Position Sensor Input
  • Boost (MAP) Sensor Input:
    - 50 PSI (3.5 Bar) MAP Sensor, or 75 PSI (5.0 Bar) MAP sensor or
     150 PSI (10 Bar) MAP sensor
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) probe Input
  • User1 Input:
    - 0-5 volt analog input.  Voltage data is viewable on all models of the LCD display.
      Software support for the display of Zeitronix pressure sensors.
    - Customized data conversions can be entered to match 0-5 volt sensor specifications.
      All converted User1 data values are displayed only in the software.
  • User2 Input:
    - 0-5 volt analog input  OR  configurable to be used with Fuel/Oil/Boost pressure sensors and Air/Water/Oil/Transmission temperature sensors.
    - Data is displayed on the 2010 Model LCD and ZR-2 Multi-gauge as a pressure or temperature.
    - Zeitronix Data Logger software will display and log data according to sensor type.
    - Customized data conversions can be entered to match 0-5 volt sensor specifications.
      Customized data conversion values are displayed in the Zeitronix Data Logger software only.
  • Warning Output for use with ZAVT-1 warning/trigger box
  • 5V output for sensors


Product Code 133_ZEIZX37310
Condition New
Weight 10.100lb

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