Redblock throwout bearing upgrade

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Redblock throwout bearing upgrade

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Product Information

This throwout bearing replaces the usual volvo cable clutch style t/o bearing.  It features two positions for geometry correction when converting to a differnt clutch setup.  There are several pivot arm setup options that can cause you to have to shim the pivot ball.  This bearing will give you an easy option if you need a bit more travel out of your arm before you need to look at shimming the ball.  It also uses a more common toyota bearing so that if you need to replace the bearing itself in the future you wont be looking for a much less common volvo part.  We developed this bearing when we were having supply issues with sachs bearings.   Production can be spotty from sachs but you will always be able to find a toyota bearings.  They also reduce clutch pedal effort by contacting the ends of the clutch diaphragm springs.


Compatable with M46/47 transmissions as well as t5 and cd009 using the conversion parts we sell.  They are a good addition to any clutch kit/flywheel package we offer.

Product CodeYOSFMRFG47

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Buy this!

Bought to replace the Luk plastic-y bearing that came with the kit I bought from Rockauto. Solid fit and finish, adjustable positions are great. Perfect for the Deeworks kit. You will need to source a clutch fork that has the pins. I think the earlier 240's have them, I got one from IPD.Kyle (14 Nov 2022, 08:36)

Fantastic pedal feel

I purchased this throw out bearing after completing a T5 swap into my B23ET powered 245. At the time of the swap I already had a factory TO bearing that had a few kilometres on it it. Unfortunately that bearing has no adjustment and I had to resort to spacing out the pivot ball in the bellhousing by a fair amount to bring the pedal up off the floor. This worked but it was far from pleasant. I spoke with Josh who advised I can use his custom bearing and that it would allow for a larger range of adjustment of the pedal pickup height. I ordered the bearing and in about three weeks it arrived here in Australia. It was well packed and it was instantly obvious that it was a quality part. I removed the old bearing and installed the new one. It fit perfectly on the input shaft sleeve and also rotated nice and smoothly on the fork pins. After a bit of adjustment of the pivot ball height the pedal felt great. The clutch no longer picks up abruptly from the floor but engages nice and smoothly from about 30mm from the floor. The pedal feel has transformed the car from being borderline unpleasant to perfectly daily drivable. This bearing combined with the Yoshifab flywheel and fx250 clutch kit makes for a very nice yet heavy duty setup. Well done Josh and anyone else at Yoshifab for your work! Ryan (18 Mar 2019, 20:10)

T/O bearing

('87 245 / M47) When I swapped the "dog dish" flywheel for a lighter "flat" unit, I had to use all the adjustment to bring the pedal up. Changing from an "open" clutch fork to a "pinned" unit, and installing this bearing, brought the pedal up with only +/- 50% of the adjustment. Thanks Yoshi! carl feague (5 Nov 2018, 15:29)
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