Torque spec Quick reference

B21, B23, B200, B230, B234


Head bolts/studs


Stock style torque to yield bolts (DO NOT RE-USE)

1. = 15ftlb

2. = 45ftlb

3. = Angle-tighten 90deg




ARP 16v kit   8v kit

1. Clean and inspect holes in block.

2. Thread bolts into block by hand

3. = 15ftlb

4. = 45ftlb

3. = 90ftlb ARP moly lube (or 120ftlb with 30wt oil)

Connecting Rod Bolts

Stock bolts

1. = 14ftlb

2. = 90deg


ARP (Yoshifab connecting rods)

3/8" ARP 2000 or L19 bolts

ARP lube = 47ftlb or .0058" stretch

30w motor oil = 65ftlb


Torqueing to proper stretch is the most accurate way. You would need a Bolt Stretch Gauge such as the stretch gauge at the bottom. 


Main bearing bolts


Main Bearing bolts 80ftlb


Cam/aux shaft gear




Crank damper bolt


1. Inspect bolt, if length does not exceed 55mm (2.185") it can be re-used.

2. = 45ftlb

3. = angle tighten 60deg

*TIP = Use a paint pen to mark the alignment of the dampner with the pully.
                This way you will be able to see if the dampner has failed.


 Tools we suggest

Torque wrench

Nothing fancy just something reasonably accurate. Not going to list anything specific as you basically get what you pay for.
I have built plenty of motors making 4x their original output with a harbor freight torque wrench.

Bolt stretch gauge

ARP Lube

Paint pen (used to mark angle on bolt heads)