Volvo billet aluminum accessory bushing

Volvo billet aluminum accessory bushing

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These bushings are machined from aluminum and are designed to replace the factory rubber bushings in the accessories.  Bushings are sold individually and since there are such numerous setups we strongly suggest you count out exactly how many you need before ordering.  Also due to Volvos manufacturing tolerances and 300+k miles of wear and tear bushing fitment can very from a press fit to a bit loose.  Most cases are a slip fit but even some on the looser side are not an issue once everything is bolted in and tensioned.  Vast improvement over the rubber bushings.

Product Code 084_VOLA1
Manufacturer Yoshifab
Condition New
Weight 1.000lb

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

No More Belt Squeal!!

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Cured my belt squeal. I replaced my 3 alternator bushings with these billet mounts and now my belt squeal is gone and have not a belt slip off as my old bushings were shot. Definitely recommend. Will be changing out my other bushings soon. (Nov 24 2019, 23:15 PM)

Amazing quality!

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The alternator in my 1992 240 wagon went out on me and the OEM bushings were fairly worn. I'm Glad i went with these over a rubber or poly replacement bushing. The fit was perfect and there is no play when installed! Will be ordering more for my power steering pump! (Jan 25 2018, 16:21 PM)

Amazing fit!

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The bushings were shot on the power steering pump of my '91 240 (it was leaning about a 1/4" towards the radiator causing squeeling at highway speeds). I installed these and am completely blown away! The bushings are super light, and the fit was superb. These have absolutely no play once they're tightened down (unlike OEM or Poly bushings). My only regret is that I didn't order more! For the price, this is definitely worth it in every way. (Jun 07 2016, 11:32 AM)

Billet Bushings

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I've had to replace my rubber bushinge every 2 years due to wear,and was tird of it. I contemplated getting poly bushings but then I saw these billet bushings for a small ammount more than the poly bushings. All i can say is that they were worth every penny. They slid right in and look fantastic. (Jul 19 2012, 20:06 PM)
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