For any questions regarding a part, service, or to set up an appointment do, not hesitate to contact us.  


E-mail is checked throughout the day and is the best way to contact Yoshifab.  If you do not get a response within 24 hours on a weekday/non holiday then your message has not been received for some reason.  Please try again or a different contact method.   I have had customers who have felt “Ghosted” or ignored, this is never the case.  All of those cases I had no idea they were attempting to contact.


The phoneis answered 9-5 M-F.   I am one guy building, shipping and selling parts.   I have no call center, if I do not pickup PLEASE leave a voicemail.  You will be called back when I have a chance.  If you have an unlisted number or Google has it listed as spam I will not be answering your call.   If you get a voice mail, PLEASE leave a message with a good time to call you back. In most cases you will be called back shortly after.


Text messagesare a poor way to initiate communication.  It’s only really appropriate if we need to share pictures of parts fitment etc.


Social media contact.  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are all Yoshifab. I do my best to answer those messages in short order but you may wait a few days for a response.  If you feel you were "left on read"  I saw your message while I was not in a spot to answer your question and will do so when I am back at my desk.  Youtube is not at all a good place to message.  


Physical mail.  You can ship to the address below.  I get plenty of drop ships and parts from a lot of sources.  Please let me know when and what I should be expecting from you.  A transmittal that lets me know who it’s from is very helpful.   If it’s attached to an order, please include an order number or a copy of your order.


PHONE: (760)468-7002



If you need to send something please mail to



CHINO VALLEY, AZ 86323-5610




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