CD009 to Redblock adapter

CD009 to Redblock adapter

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This adapter adapts the Nissan 6 speed transmissions (cd009) to a Volvo m46/m47 bell housing.   These transmission are in another league from the tried and true T5.  These transmissions feel a lot more sports car than farm equipment.   They shift nicely even at high rpm and are stronger than a T5. They are a bit more involved to install in a 200 series car due to the shifter but really kind of a wash in a 7/9 car due to needing a shifter solution for a t5 and a cd transmission.   New cd009 transmissions are avaliable from z1 motorsports for $2000 at time of writing.   This is a bargin when compared to what a new or even rebuilt T5s go for these days.


The CD009 does require cutting the bell housing off the transmission.  This is not nearly as scary as it sounds.  A Sawzall makes light work of the cutting and it’s not a critical cut.  It just needs to be out of the way.  Nissan even put a casting rib right where you need to cut so you have a nice guide to follow.   You will also be cutting the end of the input shaft.  Again, very easy to do.


700/900 series cars will need a little bit of hammer work on the tunnel for the transmission to fit.   The 200 series cars need a little bit more hammering than the 7/9 cars, but it still fits.  7/9 series cars will need a shorter shifter linkage to fit in the tunnel hole.  200 series will need the forward mount shifter we offer.  This requires removing the tail housing from your transmission.


There are 3 input shaft bearing size options on these transmissions.  Select the size you need or if you don’t know select the "I DONT KNOW" option and we will contact you.


Product CodeCD0U7XV610
ManufacturerDee Works

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