235mm Clutch and Flywheel package

  • 235mm Clutch and Flywheel package

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  This flywheel is more than just a steel replacement.  It is an evolution of the clutch issues inherent to the rwd Volvos.  The issue is the lack of clutches available that are able to hold the kind of power we can easily make out of these motors, something that has good street manners, and is also budget friendly.  We have run all kinds of clutches on many projects but have settled on a clutch masters 235mm pressure plate.

The advantage of this pressure plate is that it is a 235mm (9.25”) surface.  It allows us to cram as much disk possible onto a flat flywheel.   The finished product is a clutch package that is rated upto to 495ftlb, is well mannered enough for a daily driven street car, and is affordable. 

This flywheel is made from 1018 billet steel.  It comes complete with the ring gear and LH2.4 trigger cut in.  No need for modifications or pressing your old ring gear on. The flywheel weights 16lb which is 14 lb lighter than a Volvo dished flywheel.  You will notice a differnce with this.

 The Clutch options are the fx100 disk for mild setups, the fx250 disk rated to 375ftlb with nice street manners, or fx400 disk which will be a bit harsh on engagement, but will hold 495ftlb

Product Code047_235ZMETJ72

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You wont regret it on any redblock

I installed this on my 1991 240 M47 ahead of my eventual conversion to a CD00A. It immediately woke up the revs, being significantly lighter than stock. It is somewhat difficult to compare to the stock setup, since it had been on the care 160,000 miles. I was also doing some other big changes, and Josh was super helpful throughout. This is a LH 3.1, being a 1991. the built-in trigger wheel worked perfectly once we clocked it correctly. We also converted to a hydraulic clutch from a 740 using the guide from Dave Barton, and the pedal from STS Machining. it drives and clutches better than new. Despite the weeks of downtime, I'd recommend this change to everyone that has the patience. The clutch now engages / disengages nice and smooth, and the car is such a pleasure to drive.Robbie Lane (18 Aug 2023, 15:04)

A must for swapping a T5 into a redblock Volvo

I purchased this package from Yoshifab when looking for a no nonsense flywheel and clutch setup for my B23ET + T5 conversion into my 245. I had read all about the different combinations on various forums. Many of these setups appeared to work but they all had their nuances that needed to be sorted to make it work. Couple that with the tiny Volvo presence here in Australia and it seemed like the T5 swap was going to end up making the car worse than better as finding a decent setup locally was going to be difficult. I came across the Yoshifab kit which advertised it is a "bolt on" setup with minimal adjustment needed. I spoke with Josh who was very helpful and after a few days and nights of research I bit the bullet and ordered the kit. It arrived reasonably quickly and included everything I needed. True to its claim of being a bolt on affair I simply mounted the parts just like i would do with the stock components. The machining of the flywheel is second to none and the LH holes are perfectly aligned. The Clutchmasters clutch setup also looked like a quality bit of kit. I installed the entire package and combined with the Yoshifab upgraded TO bearing I only needed ~4mm of shimming under the pivot ball to end up with a clutch that is light enough for daily duties yet bites hard when rolling onto boost. I have been driving this car everyday for about the past 7 months with this clutch + flywheel package installed and have nothing but good things to say about it. I was a little worried about spending such a large amount of money on a product that was seemingly unknown to myself and others I spoke to in my Volvo circle but I am very glad I decided to go this route. It made my T5 swap so much more enjoyable and let me spend more time driving the car instead of chasing suppliers and troubleshooting clutch issues from mismatched components. Thank you Yoshifab! Ryan (18 Mar 2019, 20:25)
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